Monday, January 07, 2008

It's raining men...

Ha! I wish but it's only rain. The wind and rain have been so strong at times during the night that I woke up. For me, there's nothing better than being all snuggley warm in my bed while the wind howls and the rain bangs against the windows.

Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all day. Here in my house we call it "Jamama Day", because my young nephew, at the time three years old, could not say "pajama". I think there is something so very therapeutic about staying indoors, in your pajamas on dark, rainy days. Keeping your pajamas on is a lovely reason to keep crawling back into bed - no need to change! The bed constantly beckoned to me, which is a bonus since my bedroom is in the living room.

My leg, however, doesn't appreciate the finer points of rain. Something about the atmospheric pressure or the cold or the damp, maybe a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, my leg lets me know it is not happy. The jerking movement increases, as does the swelling and the sharp jabs of hot pain. The rain is almost enough to distract me, almost.

From the lovely cacophony of rain and wind outside my door, it sounds as if today is going to be just like yesterday. Yea! Ouch! The night darkness is slowly creeping away and the day is beginning. I suppose I'll change into new pajamas today since it's obvious another Jamama Day is here again. I woke up about 5am when the wind and rain were at their loudest and I think it's time to roll back to bed.


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