Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy day after Halloween...

This has been a great week. I haven't spent more time with Missy's R. and P. since our Shameless Tourist Trip to San Francisco in May. Missy P's birthday on Wednesday started our time together. Again, sharing a meal and drinks with really good friends elevates my mood so much. Laughing, rehashing old stories, eating from each other's plate - that was a wonderful lunch. After stuffing ourselves, we still felt the urge to be gluttons because everyone knows that calories don't count when you are celebrating a close friend's bday. So off we went to a dessert shop and a box of goodies later...we decided to head south to buy coconut bread. Yes, it was a day of good eats.

After all that food, clearly the next thing to do was shop. So we did.

We decided to meet for lunch on Friday and then dinner on Saturday to celebrate the anniversary of one of the Missy's. That was an interesting meal. It was like speed dating. We were done with our meal and outta the restaurant in about 75 minutes. Amazing. We stood in the parking lot laughing. When did we get so old? Gotta get home to the dogs, we've got a 35 minute drive home, my leg hurts, I'm tired....

I love my friends. I can't and probably won't say that enough in my lifetime. Hope you all had a great Halloween!!


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