Thursday, January 20, 2011


Did you know that Judge Judy is on for more than 3 hours PER DAY? Not all at once, scattered enough throughout the day so as to satisfy those that love the curmudgeony judicial official that is all things Judy.

Judge Judy is Senior Crack. Meth. Heroin. If you are over 60, at least in my family, Judge Judy is IT. All must stop when Judy speaks. Nothing else is on nor will anything else be watched. Even in my house. Example:

Me: Parental Unit (P.U.), would you please change the channel to 8?

P.U.: WHY?

Me: Uhhh, because I want to watch something.

P.U.: Can't you watch in your bedroom? Judge Judy is on now!

Me: Don't you have your own home and TV to control? (I said to my head)

Sigh. JJ, as I call her fondly, is now blaring in my living room while I am relegated to my bedroom. In my own house.



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