Monday, May 16, 2011

Merry Month of May

It's May. It's May. I can't believe it. Where has 2011 gone? Just a quick recap for me: I adopted a dog - a cute little 14 month old Maltese. I never thought of myself as a "purse" dog owner. I've always loved pugs and big dogs like Boxers and German Shepards. There was something really sweet and special about this little puppy, though. She has brought me lots of laughter and love in the last few months. No regrets here!

Haven't done any traveling. It's been really nice staying close to home base. Have a few trips coming up in the next couple of months. Good thing my puppy is so tiny, she can come with me on the shorter trips, I'll drop her off at my sister's on the longer journeys.

My leg has been the same. No great changes, pretty much the same pain, different day. I did get a hell of a spider bite on my right leg. It was icky and gross. Now in the final stages of redness and black bruising around the bite area.

And now for something else: I'll be 48 next week. 48. I write that with pride and happiness. Every year is phht! to what might have been but it was a good thing it didn't.

I do have a few stories to tell but it's time to wrap it up. My puppy is calling me to bed; she lets me know when it is getting late - finding it cute right now, probably will be annoying within a week, so I'm riding the adorable factor right now. Doctor tomorrow (part of my story) and I promise I'll have something posted this week. Happy Monday!!


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