Tuesday, January 08, 2008

As the pee turns...

The newest, and possibly oddest, turn of events is that my pee is dark brown. Oh, I know, I share too much but I already told you the story of my ass wiping so don't get all girlyman on me now. It's from the strong antibiotics I'm taking, was taking. I called my infectious diseases doctor and he told me to stop taking the pills for three days then resume the twice daily schedule. This would help him decide if the meds were the cause of my nutty brown expelled fluid. What else could it be?

My parents are on a ridiculous pee watch. I can't pee unless one of them inspects the color - remember how I told you about my Dad making comments about my poop? Well, he's added another to his repertoire. "Hmmm...not too dark, a latte kind of color, not the nut brown we saw yesterday." Additionally, I now carry sterile urine sample cups in case I'm not home and need to urinate. It's a tragically funny world I live in, people. You have to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

We all knew that taking antibiotics for almost 13 months would have an effect on my body. I thought in more obscure terms - growing fungus on my chest, oh wait - I had a fungal infection on my neck in the hospital. Perhaps a yeast infection - that too, only on my tongue. Those have all cleared up - wipe that disgusted look off of your faces. I told you, the body does strange, strange things when it thinks you aren't paying attention.

So we wait. Get some blood tests done. Have my urine tested too. It's possible that my kidneys or liver have been damaged. Duh. I've had renal failure twice, dialysis and blood transfusions. Not to mention my lungs failed and I was on life support for three weeks. I think I'm doing pretty damn well for all of that to have happened. A little bit of brown pee doesn't scare me - much.


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