Saturday, November 14, 2009

Asian Crawl 2010

Aloha folks! So begins my Asian Crawl 2010. I'm visiting my Sister and family in Hawaii for a few weeks, then on to the Philippines. Mom (who is my primary caregiver) is traveling with me. Since we've done the airplane thing a few times now, there really aren't very many surprises.

Hawaii is lovely. Haven't been here for 30 years. Don't know why I waited so long. The people are friendly. There really is a true Hawaiian spirit of hospitality that is inviting. Example? My temporary ramp. I bought and shipped over this temporary ramp because my Sister has a plantation style house with steep steps. The house is about 100 years old. Total Hawaiian Preservation Society and everything that comes with it.

Anyway, my ramp was unstable on the steps. Sis and Mom were outside Thursday morning discussing how to make it stable because I was freaking out when I walked up - I wobbled. Bad enough that my balance is off but it was like a rocking ship. No fun. The house next door is being renovated and one of the contractors waved at my Mom. She waved back and he walked over, asked what was going on and before we knew it, the guys were stabilizing my ramp with wood and screws. Isn't that the nicest thing?

Oh, and the Hawaiian accent is sweet. My Sis told me I'm already doing the rhythmic cadence. When we moved to the Mainland from Hawaii 30 years ago, classmates teased Sis and I about our accents. We worked hard to lose it and within one day, it's back!!

If my leg doesn't bug me too much, I plan on visiting Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Maybe Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia. We'll see. After the Philippines, back to Hawaii for a few weeks. Sister and I will island hop for a week. Then it's home and no traveling for a few months.

More later on my travels. Have a great weekend!


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