Friday, June 25, 2010

High Seas Jinx

June is almost over. It's been quite a month for me.

Parents celebrated their 48th Anniversary. Can you believe it? Not too many couples make it to that marker anymore. The family took a trip to Seattle and an Alaskan cruise in honor of their years together - how brave were we?

Seattle is a gorgeous city. Sis and family lived there for a few years; it was nice to return to such a vibrant city. First day was lovely - some serious shopping at the fabulous Nordstrom rack. Great dinner at Blue Acres seafood and oyster bar. Second day was pretty much the same. Third day we boarded our ship. I've cruised before so I know the drill, as did everyone else except my Dad and Niece. Dad assumed everything would be just like it was when he was in the Navy - which he left over 30 years ago - and retired after 20 years of service. So, imagine his shock that nothing was like it was suppose to be!! He felt better after he saw the buffet. Sidebar: what is it with people and buffets? Do people really think the food is going to run out and that they must fill up their plates, piling it so high that they can't tell what food group is what? Or my favorite, the two plater, because they simply can not be bothered to get up and go for seconds. Geez.

Anyway, let's just say the first day was fun. The second day, not so much. We hit a late storm and we felt it. I don't care what anyone says about big ships and less motion, when the waves are that high and rolly, you feel it...and feel it...and feeeeeel it. In the pit of your stomach. Yuck. Barf bags were made handy all over the ship. Half the crew and passengers couldn't leave their staterooms. I wasn't able to stand without someone helping me because I would pitch around, depending on which way the ship was going; a trip to the restroom was a very family affair. Ironically, Mom and Sis, who suffer the worst motion sickness (turning their heads too fast makes them dizzy) were the sole survivors in our group. They went upstairs to the buffet where dishes were falling onto the floor, fellow passengers were slamming into the walls or food counters, Mom almost had hot food thrown on her by another passenger when he lost his balance - not fun. I was nauseous but not sick until Mom brought the most foul smelling dish into the room (honestly, it was probably a very lovely plate of something but it was, at that moment, like rotting flesh) and I was done. I rolled into the restroom where I quietly looked for a barf bag, finding none (Dad was hoarding) I very delicately screamed, "MOMMY!!! I NEED A BARF BAG!" and promptly lost the contents of my lunch. Sidebar: Feta cheese does not have the same richness of flavor when recycled. Enough said.

So, while I'm busy retching up every bit of liquid or solid waste in my stomach, my Dad is offering his support by yelling from the living quarters, "I CAN'T LISTEN TO YOU BARF OR I'LL HAVE TO THROW UP TOO!!" Over and over he repeats this phrase, until I roll out of the restroom and find him hiding his face under a pillow, fists clenched on top. "It's safe to come out now, Dad. Thanks for asking if I'm okay".

Next day, Juneau. More on that later. Glad to be home for a few months. Next travel is concert trifecta in August - Las Vegas style!!


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