Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The hits keep coming...

I've complained lately that there's a new pain in my left leg. Centered around my ankle bone and not unlike a burning screwdriver thrust inside the soft tissue (I'm imagining this since I prefer never to feel the real thing) then spun around the ankle bone, toes and calf muscles for extra "flavor".

Ick. Had a scheduled appointment to see my orthopaedic surgeon on Monday. I told him about the new and fun pain. When he asked if anything had happened that might be related to the pain, I casually mentioned my fall in the bathtub last month. He grabbed my foot and started touching different areas asking about pain. I don't have much topical sensation so I didn't react - until he pressed his devil thumbs in the soft tissue around my ankle bone. I rolled backwards so fast my foot did a little twirl before hitting my wheelchair. All I could say to him was, "I DON'T LIKE THAT!" Guess something really is wrong.

Yup. I have a pulled ligament. Doc said it would have been easier if I broke a bone because medically speaking, ligaments take longer to heal. Considering my history, it would probably take longer. 4-6 weeks if I'm lucky. Maybe 5 months, possibly a year.

Oh. Did I mention the cuts on my leg? Little skin breaks that keep growing. Plus little white bumps and red squiggly lines running from the top of my foot to the middle of my ankle. Inneresting. Infectious diseases here I come!

Sigh. Guess the vacay from my foot is over.


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