Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Greetings

Yesterday was my birthday! I'm 47 years old - quite proud of it, too. I had a lovely afternoon with Missy R. and her Hubby. Bittersweet, though. Earlier in the morning they had to put down their dog, K.B. We called our lunch, "The Circle of Life" and talked about K.B.'s years with them. Loved that little puppy. She was sweet and smart, sometimes too smart.

All in all it was a quiet birthday. The years of wanting stuff and making a big deal out of my day are past me, I think. I would have demanded a tiara (or two), cape and scepter (which my friends provided) and I would have worn it proudly the entire day. At work. In a restaurant. Or bar. Didn't matter. I was the Queen. (I'm making shouty noises in my head, "Bow down to the Queen!! Bow down to the Birthday Queen!!) because I think I might have even said that to total strangers before. Not the first time, either.

I spent the morning with my Mom and Dad; an afternoon with some great friends, and an evening, by myself, to think about my life. By my account, it truly was a great day. Happy Birthday, Scooter Girl!!


At 10:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sis. May it be the best year yet!
Love you.


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