Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home again, home again

I didn't realize that it's been almost a month between posts. The last month has certainly been quick!

My flight home was uneventful. The airline was prepared for me, my walker wasn't broken, the staff was very nice...all in all, a very quiet ending to an eventful month.

For my birthday (woo hoo!!) I flew to Las Vegas to meet Missy R and Missy P. Now that was an adventure. 30 minutes before leaving for the airport, my flight was canceled. ACK!! The airport location I was leaving from was small, so flight choices were even smaller. I managed to book a flight that would leave an hour later than my canceled flight, which was good. When I got to the airport, the flight was delayed for almost two hours because of high winds. Oh, I did get to see the guy who played "Jaws" in the Bond movies. Geez, he has a loud voice. He was passing out autographed pictures of himself. I didn't get one. Anyway, remember how I told you the plane was small when I flew out to visit my sister? Well, that was a 747 compared to the toy plane I boarded for Vegas!! I didn't know you could fly propeller planes commercially!! PROPELLERS!! Sardine can, practically sitting in your seat mate's lap, breathe in his stenchy exhale, see every ear hair, close. On the bright side, we flew at a lower altitude so I was able to see below more clearly. I prayed and did my mantra (We will not crash, we will no - sh*t! what was that?! Oh my god, we're going to die!) the entire hour to Vegas. Once we landed, I turned on my cell phone. Missy R was texting me messages of concern, "Where the hell are you, beyotch?" So nice to be loved.

For my birthday, we saw Sir Tom Jones. So the man's well into his 60's. He can't shake his hips or thrust them suggestively like he did in his younger days, but that man puts on a show. Much younger entertainers will take costume breaks or maybe there will be a lull in the show so the entertainer can go potty. Not Sir Tom. He never left the stage for 1 1/2 hours. Sang beautifully. If you've not heard him sing "20O pounds of Heavenly Joy" or "Git Me Some" you're missing out on some very sexxxy songs.

I'm glad to be home. There's much to do and finish this summer. It feels incredible to get out and capture life again. As each day passes I realize how much I lost of the old me - Jessica Part 1, and how much I'm appreciating the new Jessica Part 2. I'm blessed to have wonderful, supportive friends and family. I still grieve for what my life could have been but I'm excited to know what my life could be now. I will always carry the pain, the knowledge that I probably won't walk normally again, that my life path is forever changed - I'm grateful that every morning I wake to feel the sunshine and fresh air on my face. It's a hell of a lot better than being six feet under with dirt as my blanket. I'll take life, this life, every day and every chance I'm given.


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