Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fondue-me, baby!

Adventures of Scooter Girl - Phoenix - Day 2

Spa'd for most of the morning. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Afterwards, Missy S. and I went shopping while Missy R. relaxed in our rooms. I didn't realize how rich some people are in Scottsdale. I figured it out when we entered the mall and most of the stores were designer names: Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo (oh yes, Jimmy Choo), Neiman became a little overwhelming after a few hours. I actually was shopped out. Too much to process.

Anyway, that night we had dinner with two of Missy S.'s "Phoenix friends" - she differentiates. Kinda cute, isn't it? Missy R. and I are her "finest city friends". It was lovely to meet Missy J. and Missy A. We ate at the Melting Pot. Fondue. Nothing like bonding over dripping, cheesey foods. And chocolate. Lots and lots of melting chocolate. Sometimes I feel sorry for men because they miss out on the bonding experience that women have over food and laughter. Most guys try to bond over beers and sports or beers and strippers or beers and some free food at happy hour. Women are serious when we bond. It can take hours. And it did. And it was totally worth it. Made new friends.

There were two weddings at the hotel where we stayed. We didn't actually get to watch them because our view was of the lovely pool pump. But, if we squinted our eyes (like Renee Zellwegger) and looked around the corner of the pool pump, we could see chairs. Sometimes people sitting in those chairs. At night, the hotel lit up their many fire pits scattered about the property. I never took part in the fire pit experience. I should have, though. I admit, I was pretty tired each night. My stamina is good but not as good as it was before. I tire easily if I'm active two days consecutively. The first night, Missy S. and I went to bed early while Missy R. relaxed in front of the tv. The next night, Missy R. and I went to bed while Missy S. played near the fire pits. Around 1am, Missy S. came flouncing in the bedroom and plopped next to Missy R. She said, "Look at my MUDD shoes. They are so..." I don't remember the exact words she used because I was almost asleep. When Missy S. pranced out of the room, Missy R. said (face down into her pillow), "If she comes back in the room, I'm gonna smack her with my pillow!" (okay, I'm paraphrasing but the spirit of intent is correct.)

Day Two was fun. Leg and pain unchanged. I guess this is the level of pain I'm going to be stuck at for now. Bummer.


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