Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stinky Cheese

Stinky cheese. That's what I felt like today. It was so blasted hot - record temperatures in some parts of the county. My body reacts to extreme changes in temperature, as I've said before, and today was a whammy!! My leg looked similar to my leg of a few months ago. Swollen, red, shiny (from the edema), skin all dried and stretchy looking. Then to start the pain parade I was greeted by my non-favorite hot jabs of the ol' iron poker whirling about my calf. My leg jerked so hard at one point my Mom heard my knee click and saw my leg stick straight out - all on its own. It's something to see - and nothing you'll ever want to see again. Add to that I yelped pretty loudly as I was caught off guard. If you're bored some hot afternoon this summer, come over and watch my leg. It's bound to provide some kind of morbid entertainment.

Stinky cheeses are those cheeses you find wrapped up really tight. You don't know what's inside and the wrapper doesn't hint at what you'll find until you open it up. Then the smell drives right up your nostrils and it's a scent you're not likely to forget anytime soon. Whenever you catch a whiff of that familiar scent, you flinch, ever so slightly. That's my leg - stinky cheese.


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