Friday, April 04, 2008

Crystal balling

I haven't had that much to write about for the past 10 days. Sometimes the thoughts muddle together and I have a difficult time articulating.

I've been overwhelmed because one of the main issues regarding my injuries is finally coming to an end. Closure. A chance to let go of the old hurt and make a whole new set of choices and mistakes. The thought is mind-boggling. I don't know what to do - for the last 18 months I've spent so much energy in getting this to end and now I've reached my goal.

The one thing I've been able to do is plan some trips - remember I mentioned them in another post. Bought some tickets, made the hotel reservations - and poof - it's as if my life is normal again. The only difference is I have to call and speak with a reservation agent to explain my disability. Oh, when I called this particular airline, I was told that I would be "carried aboard the plane" - WHAT WHAT WHAT???!!!! I don't think so. Of course, my first mental picture was of my being lifted onto the plane in a Cleopatra-like fashion, six strapping, glisteny oiled, half-dressed (or is that mostly undressed?) men carrying me about...sigh. It's a whole new way of traveling!

So, I'm one foot into my new future. It's scary but even without the crystal ball, it's about damn time I'm able to get some control of my life.


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