Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Spa Guy Cometh

Nothing special to talk about today. Oh, except for the exceptionally cute spa repair guy that arrived to perform a diagnostic on my spa. Cue the "bow chica wow wow" 70's metal porn guitar sound. Bring on the dirty jokes, "He can use his chemical stick to check my PH balance anytime!" Look for it, look for it...there it is...the lascivious thoughts, the giggles, the quick flirty glances...too bad he was young enough to be my son. Sigh. He was the quintessential California golden boy cute.

It's not my fault I kept drooling. He insisted on gazing into my eyes with his piercing blue eyes while he explained the spa was working fine. I only perked up when he said the service call was good for a month and I should call him as quickly as possible if something should happen. Really? Did he feel as drawn to me as I to him? Honestly, I think he was flirting with me.

Yeah, right. He was a nice guy. Too young and too aware of his own charms. It was a nice 20 minutes, though. I almost, almost felt guilty when I handed over the $75 check for his visit. I was a naughty girl since I'd been having all those NC-17 thoughts about the spa guy. Bow chica wow wow!!


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