Sunday, January 27, 2008

Friends and a food frenzy

This weekend has been such a blast. Met with two of my favorite girlfriends (Karen is too far away!!) for lunch and yakking. If I'm in a mood, these two can always lift me up and bring on the laughs.

Had lunch at a local Persian restaurant and fell in love with their imported feta cheese - so I had to find it (that's the glutton in me). Next door to the restaurant is a small middle eastern shop and from there it snowballed...

One of the more amusing parts of the day was when I was using my walker to get to my wheelchair. Missy P. was in charge of holding it, only she kept backing up every time I tried to sit. The more Missy P. backed up, the louder I stomped my walker. It was like that car game so many of us have played. You know, a friend is trying to get in your car and you move up just far enough out of reach. Well, Miss P. must have moved my damn wheelchair back about a foot before Miss. R. asked what the hell she was doing! We all burst out laughing - it really was funny, guess you had to be there. Thanks for that, ladies!!

Since my back has closed and healed, I'm so much stronger. Even my girlfriends noticed how much more I can do. My need for independence keeps getting stronger too. I'm still learning that I can't do everything. My girlfriends allow me to find out that I can't do something and are right there when I ask for help - and they don't say, "I told you so"...well, most of the time and usually not in a polite manner, except for Missy P. who is always polite even in cursing. Her "you ahole!!" is about the raunchiest I've gotten out of her. Always the lady. Missy R. and I revel in our potty mouths. We usually spew all the best words in the first thirty minutes we're together.

Found my feta cheese - and just about everything else I never wanted or needed but bought it anyway. Turkish delights, dates, lavash, Iranian noodle soup - did I need it? Nope, but I wanted it. What a wonderful place to discover new foodie items. I know the girls will have to bring me back in a few weeks. The gentleman that ran the store was very aware of my wheelchair and helped us. He also sniffed out that I was in a frenzy and kept bringing me items to try - and buy.

We bought more food at this great Chinese restaurant and coconut bread from the bakery next door. Missy P. ripped into that coconut bread and the aroma of freshly baked dough and coconut filled the car. The tantalizing smells of the Chinese food made me drool. We sat in the car for a moment and laughed about our day - and all the food we had with us.

Friends, food and laughter. What could be better than that?


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