Friday, March 21, 2008


I've been busy this week - still have the normal PT, lymphedema treatments, blood sucking, doctor appointments - added to that, I've been fascinated by this blog about DJ Montano II. He's from the Philippines and an alleged scam artist. His ex, an Australian cutie patootie named Brian, was allegedly cheated out of $70,000AUS dollars. DJ allegedly conned Brian into thinking the money he (Brian) sent would be used for their restaurant. Brian would move to the Philippines and live happily ever after with DJ. Brian found out that DJ was scamming him, there was an altercation in a ritzy hotel and Brian was arrested on assault charges (dragged through the hotel lobby, screaming and crying, in his underwear - ESCANDALO!!) but later released for lack of evidence. Additionally, Brian is claiming that DJ's closest friends knew all about the scam but did nothing. These friends all belong to an elitist group of wanna-be social snobs.

Anyway, Brian left broken-hearted. Went home to Australia, tried to recoup his lost $$$ and was laughed at. See, the way it works for many of us girls is if you break my heart, I'll be sad and blue. Break my heart and then laugh at me - that's it, I'm pissed and you're forever f*cked. And there's nothing like a wronged, broken-hearted bitch on the loose. Sigh. It's reality blogging. I'm hooked and it's taking up hours of my life I can't get back and I don't care. I feel sorry for this Brian. He was fooled and foolish with his heart and his money. He's become a blog sensation in the Philippines and parts of Asia. The anger of an angry ex knows no boundaries!

I think Brian was hopefully eager - I don't like the word desperate - for love and companionship (Brian is openly HIV positive). DJ was able to sniff that scent and pounce. I guess part of my fascination with this particular blog is that I feel a bit like Brian might have felt and yes, I know, I'm projecting. Wondering if he would ever be in a loving relationship again. The first blush of attraction. The butterflies fluttering in the lower belly when he touches you. Look what happened to Brian when he thought he found love - I don't want to be foolish and fooled! (I hope that Brian gets his money from DJ and the satisfaction of knowing he showed the blogger world what a jerk DJ Montano is and that he's a heartless bastard as well. I know, I know, I'm totally sucked up in this drama!)

Recently, I signed up with a disabled dating site just to check out the people and the scene. Wow, I guess it doesn't matter if you're on two feet or four wheels...we all want love, acceptance and sex...and not necessarily in that order! I've been hounded by men who want to drive to my neck of the woods for a date and "whatever else happens"...hey, that's internet innuendo for SEX. One guy said that he could tell by looking at my picture I was, "intelligent and cute". Right. Because my picture really does speak a thousand words, dude. There was a chat room started by this gal who claimed she found "the one" because of what he wrote to her in an e-mail. She was arguing with several different women until two of them posted the same e-mail he sent to them. See? At some point in our lives we're all eager for love. And if we're not careful, some "DJ" is going to waltz in and break our hearts. Too bad no one has invented a heart filter for emotions. It would be a top seller.


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