Monday, March 17, 2008

DIC head

I'm on my knees (only in my head, and not giving...get your head outta...well, okay) with joy!! Disability Insurance Company (now known forever as DIC, that's pronounced DICK) has told me that yes, indeed, I am disabled! What great news! I'm disabled - wooo hooo! Thanks for telling me, DIC. At least now I don't have to kneel (again, metaphorically) at your feet, DIC and constantly suck up to whomever is wielding the big stick of authority. Two years until the next review. It's so reassuring that DIC has agreed with the SS SHIT (Social Security's supreme, heartless, inefficient, taxing) machine's decision, even though DIC has been lobbying for two years to prove I'm disabled to the SS SHIT machine. Whatever.

It was a good day. Hope your Monday started out as well.


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