Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spin the color wheel, hotshot!

I'm feeling magenta, again. Not the sad blues, the angry reds, or even the depressed grays. I'm just magenta.

It's been a rough few days. My leg started acting up again. I guess I forgot about it so it decided to get my attention. It did the beet-red, seventh circle of hell hot, jumpy wormy thing again. Took to my bed for a few days then called the doctor.

I'm off the antibiotic I've been on since last July - can you believe it?!! But to attack whatever staph/strep/Fred (dammit, he's still around!) is lingering, Dr. H. gave me the most icky antibiotic. I don't respond to this drug very well. Spent the weekend, Monday and most of Tuesday sick in bed. Isn't a pill suppose to make you feel better, not sicker?

I seriously thought I was going to upchuck in Costco today. I made sure to mark the distance to each trashcan. On a quick digression, my Dad loves Costco. Even though he'd just had lunch, whenever he saw a sample table, his response was the same, "Ohhhh...a sample table!! What do you suppose they're giving away?! Let's go!!" Since Dad was pushing me, I too ended up at every sample table. I didn't eat like he did but I was forced to listen to his "sample table" conversation. "So, what can you tell me about this product? I like it but I'm not sure. Is it possible for me to get a larger sample?" My Dad was at his most charming and he scored big. No chicken tidbit for him. Nope, it was a whole chicken breast!! And look, his own tube of Gogurt!! Not a teaspoon like all the other losers!! Ahh...Costco, always an adventure with my Dad!

Anyway, I called in to Dr. H. about the side effects from the antibiotic. I'm off of all antibiotics!! Yea!! Okay, I'm a little nervous. This is a critical time for me. If my back doesn't do that gross bursting thing again, it should be the end of all infections in my back. Oh my!!

Next month I see Dr. B. to decide about the next surgical step (ha!) for my leg. I'm not feeling the love for another surgery. If you know my complete medical history and experience, then it won't be a surprise that every time I was suppose to have surgery on my leg, something happened to delay the surgery. Maybe I'm grasping at "signs" but hey, that's fine with me. Once is noted, twice is a "Hey, that's weird", third is a "Damn! What's going on?!", fourth and fifth are a "uh uh. Nope. Not doing it." That's five times too many. Maybe I'm suppose to keep the leg because something better is coming.

Speaking of which, I have some feeling on the sides and bottom of my foot!! Not just heat prickles that go to my belly, ow, but more of a, "Wow, that's Dad's fingernail! Ow, that hurts!!" Incredible, isn't it? I'm not sure what it means but I read that peripheral nerves can rejuvenate. Now if I could just train my toes to bend at will. Sigh. I'll take what I get - and this is good.

These past few days keep reminding me of that song by Dead or Alive. Yea, yea, I'm dating myself but I don't give a damn. You know, "you spin me right round baby, right, round, like a record baby, right round, right round. You spin me..." Health-wise, I feel as if my life is kind of in a loop. The rest of my life is pretty great...which could lead to the other song, "What I really need to do is find myself a brand new lover..." Ooohkay, I'm signing off for now. Hope your week is filled with's summertime, baby!


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