Friday, August 01, 2008

Fine living is the life for me...I just enjoy a penthouse view, darling I love you but give me Park Avenue...

We just returned from an overnight trek to an Indian Casino. Mom, Dad, my nephew and I made the pilgrimage to treat ourselves to a Grande Suite and concert tickets to...Engelbert Humperdink (Humperdink! Humperdink!), another senior singer I adore.

We were quite surprised by the room - it was fabulous. The whole floor was non-smoking, too. Had an incredible view of the outdoor concert (more on that below) and the lovely mountains in the distance. Robes, slippers, jacuzzi bathtub, large shower with THREE body sprays. We ordered room service for everything because not only was it conveniently 24 hours but the food was yummy. This casino spoiled us rotten. Ahhh, that's the life!!!

Of course, every journey is not without its glitches. The only problem we ran into was that the casino LOST our concert tickets...they compensated with 9th row center, aisle, so Engelbert was right there in front of us. It was sooooo cool. Now, my Dad and nephew didn't want to go but from our rooms they were able to see the stage clearly and listen to the entire concert. They wore their spa robes and slippers, ordered room service and kicked back on the comfortable chairs. It truly was a treat for everyone. Engelbert reminded me a lot of Sir Tom Jones. His voice was smooth, rich and with the trees swaying in the cool breeze, the sky changing hues, the mountains turning purple in the background, well, it was worth every dollar. I want to do this trip again. Hey, Poison's coming to town, anyone feel like rockin' out to "Cherry Pie?"

My sister is in town this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Have a great weekend!!


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