Monday, October 06, 2008

Drink that political Flavor-Aid, lemming!

Humph. A friend is staying with me for a few days while my parents are taking a well deserved break. It's nice to sit and talk but inevitably, the conversation turned to the current political climate.

Look, I respect one's right to choose his/her candidate and political party. That is what makes our country great. What I can't understand is how people are willing to parrot what they hear, watch or read without looking up the facts. And it really frosts my cookies when I'm forced to listen to crap that is wrapped up in political fodder - gift-wrapped crap, if you please. As our conversation ends, I'm shot with the zinger, "Just drink the kool-aid, Scooter Girl, that's what they're giving you. Drink the kool-aid." What the hell is that all about? Is that a Jim Jones reference where all his followers were killed with cyanide laced grape Flavor-aid? Is my party a bunch of lemmings willing to follow our leader to a sure political defeat? Puhleeze. I think change is scary, especially with our economy, world relations, energy problems...but we need to change. I don't believe that the path we are on is what is best for America. There are no "mavericks" for the other party, just a tired old hero and his cheerleader. Don't jump all over me for my personal political beliefs, they are mine and I own them. I don't want to hear how I'm wrong, though. That would mean my beliefs are of no consequence and that the other person feels their beliefs are superior to mine. That's not the way it works. I get to vote for whom I want - so do you. I'm not going to yell, cajole, or whine you into changing your mind. If you have facts to present, then do so but only if you have the correct facts.

For the record, Obama doesn't pal around with terrorists, he's not a Muslim (when he was very young, maybe, as an adult that understands his religious choices, NO), and big deal if his middle name is Hussein. Both his father and stepfather were Muslims. Does that mean all Muslims are evil and want to destroy the world? If that's your logic, then you need to go in the corner and put on your stupid hat (you first, Sarah). Really. Because if that's your logic then Americans are all a bunch of white trash, ill-mannered douche bags. That's the way other countries think of us because of a few white trash, ill-mannered douche bags that were tourists in their country. The apples to oranges logic doesn't work. That doesn't mean I think my candidate is perfect. Neither candidate is perfect. I respectfully choose to vote for whom I think would be the better President. It's my choice. Don't pour me a glass of that purple stuff. I'm not that stupid.


At 6:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, a little bitter? Embrace the lemmingness and go with the crowd!
I think people are following a pied piper. Exchanging one corrupt politician for anther and the big change is his skin color.
Ignoring all the facts... surrounding one self w/ a racist pastor, a man who attempted to blow up the pentagon (not a terrorist? he only wishes he could have done more) and a criminal. This is the type of change we want for American! Clinton will look like a choir boy and Nixon a priest!
Just a thought from Steph


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