Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sick Daze Update

Ugh. Dad was up last night/early this morning with an upset tummy. He came dragging down the stairs at 1:30am looking for food but everything in the fridge and cupboards elicited a "yuck" but he finally settled on one of my diet granola bars. BIG mistake. He couldn't hold it down and was up again at 3:30am formally announcing his upset stomach...loudly. Why can't we vomit quietly? If there's someone that knows someone that can vomit quietly and all delicate-like, please introduce me to that person so that I may learn their secret. Even my dogs make a horrible sound when they're retching. Hmmm...there's no pretty word for it, is there? Upchucking, shooting nuggets, regurgitating (my personal fav)...nope, not pretty at all.

Dad was really fussy today. Usually a sign of getting better but I think he's simply tired of being sick. He's making me tired of him being sick, too... argumentative, know-it-all self-diagnoser, whiner - wait, that's me, dealing with Dad. Now I'm feeling a little run down which is funny. After everything I've been through, a little flu bug or cold virus is not going to get me down. I'm loaded with all kinds of antibiotics, one of those suckers should be able to zap the bug or virus dead.

When I woke up this morning, Dad didn't wait more than 1/2 hour before he was asking what we were going to eat. He'd already run through all the fresh food, was out of bread, no bananas, low on juice...uh huh, yet another reason his earlier "no new food" edict was completely banished. I called Missy R. and she did yet another food run for us. Thanks again!! Dad fell on the food as soon as he opened the front door. Much better than canned soup and frozen veggies.

Mom arrives Saturday night. Too bad the house is going to be messy and nothing has been done all week. Dad and I are hoping to get something done on Saturday afternoon or we'll just open the front door and welcome Mom into the sick house. I'm so happy she's coming home. Happy Friday!!


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