Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lymphedema, anyone?

I started lymphatic treatment yesterday. It's, um, interesting. The hope is that by applying special compression bandages to the swelling in my leg, the fluids will reduce, or even better, leave completely and I'll have a semi-normal sized leg. In the meantime, the bandages make my leg huuuuge - almost as big as it was in March 2006. The other goal is to restart my lymphatic system, make it work more efficiently than it has in the last two years.

When the bandages came off my foot and leg it looked so much better. The reduction in swelling also shows how much damage has been done to it. Without all the swelling it is easy to see the scars, bumps, and missing muscle. Yech. Still call my leg "it" and "her" and probably always will.

I have to ask my lymphatic specialist an interesting question - where does all the fluid go? Is it being expelled? Am I retaining water in different parts of my body (which will be in either my face, butt or stomach, never somewhere lucky like my boobs) and have to deal with that at a later time? Compelling questions, I know. I'm all about the peeing and the pooping. It's what makes life regular.

Off to have the bandages removed. I've been thinking of posting pictures, will have to learn how to do that soon.


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