Saturday, March 01, 2008

Conjunction, junction, what's your function?

Remember those great Schoolhouse Rock cartoons? I knew that they were trying to teach me something but I didn't care because the songs were fun to sing. My lymphedema treatment reminds me of those days. Well, not completely because there aren't any songs to sing and it's not always fun but the message is still there.

For the past week we've been trying to ease my lymphatic system back into working more efficiently in my foot and leg. The leg is doing well, the edema has really gone down. The problem is my ankle and foot - my conjunction junction isn't getting into the spirit of the treatment. While the swelling has gone down, a few hours after the bandages come off, the foot begins to swell again. My lymphatic therapist is telling me I might have to wear bandages all the time to combat the swelling. Oh, you should have seen her face when I mentioned I was still considering amputation, "Why are we doing all this work if you're going to chop your leg off?!" I have to admit I mentioned amputation in retaliation for her belly comment. I asked if lymphatic massage should be started because it might help the lymphatic flow, as I pointed to my stomach and chest area. "Honey, I have to tell you something. That isn't lymphatic fluid. That's just plain old belly fat." Wow, thanks, lady. It's not like I'm carrying around a 12 pound ball of fat in my belly. I honestly thought that coaxing the lymphatic freeway, as it's called in technical terms, to flow better through other parts of my body, that maybe it would help. I wasn't bargaining for the belly fat comment.

I have another week of treatment then we'll see what happens. On another note, my Dad has recovered quite well since Mom returned home. I'm almost over a bad cough. I saw a wooden sign today that said, "One shoe can change your entire life"... Cinderella


At 4:46 PM , Blogger Shannon said...

i came here from karen dixon's blog (she is my husband's aunt). this is an amazing, well-written blog. kudos.


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